The digital landscape is sometimes confusing, and always changing. Charting your strategy across this can be a minefield. Keeping abreast of what is going on; how to take advantage of social media and social networks, getting to grips with mobile and implementing ‘contextual awareness’ into what you do – it can sometimes be all too much.

Lean Forward is a boutique consultancy designed to assist you. We can provide in-house management of teams, projects or staff; training; undertake bespoke development specifically to help deliver what you want,; or just help you with your strategy and marketing.

We are called Lean Forward because that’s what we want consumers to do when they come to your sites – lean forward and engage with your messages or content. Statistics show that when they do – they will have a dramatically greater recall of your messages (25 – 47% greater) than seeing these same messages while ‘sitting back’ and passively watching.

Our fields of excellence are particularly in mobile services and the need for convergence across devices; communities as a key element of engagement with your market; digital publishing and publishing systems; and working with creative industries to get to grips with the commercial issues in the digital world.

Jennifer Wilson, principal of Lean Forward, has over 20 years in interactive media, including working with several media organisations (legacy and online), running one of Australia’s most successful converged content companies (HWW) and most recently as head of innovation at ninemsn. Lean Forward’s clients have included McDonald’s, Reader’s Digest, ABC, Hybrid Television Services (‘TiVo’), TalkPoint and B33hive.

Specific things that Lean Forward can help you with are:

  • strategy – mobile, content, converged – whatever
  • training – particularly on how to engage with Generation C as consumers 
  • developing – mobile services, applications, sites, content managment systems, concepts
  • managment – we can provide short term inhouse management. We’ve done it before 
  • negotiation – particularly with carriers, broadcasters, internet giants or other networks 
  • motivational speaking – we’re passionate about this future – you should be too!

Most recently, Jennifer Wilson was co-author on ‘The Writers Guide to Making a Digital Living’ (Australia Council) – designed ot help writers gain a better understanding of the opportunities (commerical, employment, engagement) provided in the digital environment. Currently, we are writing a similar guide for film makers and screen practitioners. 

Contact Jennifer Wilson for copies of presentations and whitepapers; have a look at the blog (updated irregularly – see over on the right) or just send an email to jennifer.wilson@leanforward.com.au to talk about how Lean Forward might be able to help for you.




  1. 🙂

  2. Jennifer Wilson spoke at an AFTRS Centre for Screen Business seminar on Business Models for Digital Development in Perth in 2007, and was very inspiring. The depth of her knowledge of the new media markets is second to none, and her passion and acute intelligence made her a truly compelling speaker. There are a lot of people talking talk in this field – but Jennifer walks it, talks it, breathes it and lives it. And without any bullshit – she’s the real thing.

  3. Jennifer was kind enough to visit our office and give a talk on all things web 2.0, with a focus on gen c and social networking. I was totally blown away, Jennifer has an awesome understanding of the web today and where it’s going tomorrow.

    It was a humbling experience

    Many thanks!

  4. Agree with Kat. JW has inspired me at many conferences. She has an advanced and intuitive worldwide know-how. It’s the intuitive that’s critical, for the next thousand years!

  5. Check the Inspiration Series with Jennifer – digital media newsletter (2nd Page). She’s an amazing lady and her story on how she got to where she is today is just wonderful. Cheers Jen

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