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Enterprise 2.0 forum (and the mobile)

20 February, 2008

The Exec Forum was a great day, full of fascinating (and fascinated) people and, as usual, a huge amount jam-packed into a short time.  For more info, see here:

There’s been enough comment on what happened on the day, but there are clearly a lot of conversations that are going to continue. Some of them are:

  • * Can organisations take advantage of existing social network applications? (eg Facebook)
  • * Should we allow open access to these at work (are they legitimate tools, social or otherwise)?
  • * Is Gen C really that different? Can their energy be harnessed the way we want?
  • * (and if so, does technology really have a role to play in this?)
  • * Is Enterprise 2.0 for everyone? And what makes it meaningful for you?
  • * Will mobile really take off as a enterprise device (other than communications) and will this be in “2.0”

I don’t know the answers to these, but asking the questions is always useful. I see “new media” companies which are really “old media through a different interface” (thinks: TV == ‘radio with picture’). Now we hear people talk about the mobile internet and I think (you all know this) “radio with pictures”.

In Australia, we are a PC-centric country – unlike most of Asia which is more mobile-centric. This means that our embracing of technology, rich experience, interaction – is almost always going to be through a PC (and even my iPhone was a pain to blog on yesterday).

To me, Web 2.0 was allowing the user to engage in a conversation with other users. Enterprise 2.0 needs to be about the users engaging in a conversation with their suppliers, brand, employers or dealers.

And next week, we’ll start on Web 3.0 (which I think is about engaging in a conversation with the content)….

But first, the conversations between you and me about all this. When’s the next one?